Owl & Bird Watching Guided Walks and Events

Grassland Bird Trust’s guided bird walks, field trips and events like our popular Winter Raptor Fest live bird of prey event  provide you with opportunities to see and learn about native grassland birds and the critical habitat they depend on for their survival!

Field Trips

Encounter Short-eared owls, Snowy owls, Northern harriers, Eastern meadowlarks, Bobolinks and over 100 other species of birds and animals in their natural habitats when you join GBT’s guided bird walks, owl watches and local birding tours!  FREE to GBT Members for a full year!!

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Winter Raptor Fest 

See state endangered Short-eared owls, Snowy owls, and dozens of other native owls, hawks and falcons up close and personal!  Meet and learn about live owls, hawks and falcons as you follow a trail through our all NEW Wild Encounter! Keep an eye out for live mammals along the way!

Live Bird of Prey programs and flight demos, horse-drawn Birding Wagon, Raptor Photo Booth, food vendors and more highlight this exciting weekend where raptors rule!

Winter Raptor Fest  supports GBT’s work to preserve critical habitat for endangered, threatened and rapidly declining grassland birds.

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