Acres for Owls – Online Campaign to Raise Funds for 64 Acres

Help FIBA Raise $60,000 to Purchase & Protect 64 Acres of critical habitat for Short-eared owls and other at-risk grassland birds!  Friends of the IBA is the only nonprofit acquiring and conserving critical habitat in the Washington County Grasslands for NY’s endangered and at-risk grassland birds.  Short-eared owls, Northern harriers, American kestrels, Eastern meadowlarks, Upland sandpipers, Grasshopper sparrows, Bobolinks are just a few of the species you will be helping to survive!

We’re asking for your help to raise $60,000 so we can purchase and permanently protect 64 acres of critical habitat for our imperiled grassland birds!  Grassland birds control insects and rodents that damage crops – protecting these birds benefits all of us!

Here are 3 ways you can help:

  • SEND this page link to your friends and family
  • SHARE this campaign by posting it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

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