Back to School … for Birders!

On September 25, 2021, Grassland Bird Trust hosted a member-only event at Chestnut Ridge Farm. Birders of all levels came to the farm to improve their birding skills with retired DEC Chief Ecologist and artist Steve Sanford. Hear about the morning events from Steve himself:

“We all savored the warmth and sunshine of a spectacular September morning at Chestnut Ridge Farm.  The creatively-restored barn in which I shared my “Beginning Ornithology” lecture kept us all in touch with the fine day outside.

As hoped, the enthusiastic crowd – over 40 “students” – included a great variety of ages and experiences.  I believe our youngest participant had spent 4 years on Earth (thus far); others may have heard their first birdsong during the Truman administration.  The classroom even held a pair of newly-minted PhDs, one in birds and one in bees!

All watched and listened carefully through the “slide lecture” (PowerPoint these days, of course) and made valiant stabs at identifying the 100 birds in the “Lightning Round” at the conclusion.  Although – not one student got the trickiest bird – which was held in the talons of a bald eagle.

All in all, “Back to School for Birders!” brought together a fine bunch with a keen interest in and thoughtful questions about our natural world.  It is always a pleasure to spend time with such people.  That these events support the work of the Grassland Bird Trust make them even more satisfying for me,” Steve Sanford.

Thank you, Steve, for teaching folks about the science of birding and bird behavior, giving us tips on how to make the best use of our birdfeeders, and leading us through a peaceful walk across the farm’s breathtaking landscape of fields and gardens. We also wanted to extend a thank you to Terry Griffin and Peter Deming for allowing us to host this event at your gorgeous farm!

This event was a member-only event. To become a member, simply donate $25 to activate a one-year membership for you and your family! We’d like to thank our members for helping support us in our mission!

Photo credit: Todd Scheuermann


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