Bird Collective GBT Campaign Nears $20,000!

When NYC entrepreneurs Angie Co, Tina Alleva and Ryan Goldberg launched their first campaign to benefit Grassland Bird Trust’s work to conserve critical habitat for endangered and threatened grassland birds, none of us would have predicted the incredible response it would inspire. “We had orders coming in from all over the country,” said Angie.

She said they were surprised when sales continued to increase even after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The six month campaign, launched in December, raised a whopping $17,430.65 for GBT’s work.

“The check came at a perfect time,” said GBT Founder and Executive Director Laurie LaFond. “We’re working on new land projects that could conserve hundreds more acres of critical habitat; we really needed that funding to keep moving forward!”

There’s more good news: GBT will continue to receive a donation for every purchase from the company’s Grassland Bird Trust Collection – visit their website to get your cool GBT inspired apparel today!

Special Thanks to Angie, Tina, Ryan and the Bird Collective team!  We wish you continued success and look forward to future visits!

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