Birding with the Bird Collective

Excerpt from Bird Collective April E-newsletter:
“We were on the move at the end of February to see all the amazing work that the Grassland Bird Trust, our first partner organization, is doing in upstate New York. We met Laurie LaFond, the founder of GBT, to share with her the funds we’ve raised so far, hear more about their recent efforts, and check out the precious lands they’ve helped preserve.”

“Laurie brought us to 180 acres of grasslands the state recently acquired with the help of GBT, where we watched a pair of Short-eared Owls hunt all afternoon. They were joined by male and female Northern Harriers and a ferocious Rough-legged Hawk that harassed one harrier into dropping its prey. That was an unforgettable sight!”

Angie Co, Tina Alleva and Ryan Goldberg’s passion for birds is reflected in their new business venture, the Bird Collective. They’re determined to use the business as a “platform to both raise awareness of their (birds) plight and raise money to help keep them where they belong.” They are donating 15% of sales to grassroots organizations working to protect birds to do just that.

When Angie called me last fall to ask if GBT would partner with them as the first beneficiary of their program I immediately agreed. We launched a joint publicity campaign in December at the start of the six month campaign and I invited them to visit this winter to see the owls and other wintering birds.

Tina was thrilled to see her first Short-eared owls and Rough-legged hawk!
The three entrepreneurs had a wonderful surprise for me as well: a check made out to GBT for $4400 dollars! We hoped for continued sales but expected them to taper off. Once again we were pleasantly surprised…

Angie shared this update on April 6: “…we’ve raised a total of $8317.74 for GBT so far. I’m really hoping we’ll be able to get past the $10k mark by the end of your campaign!

We hope so, too! Please share this email with your friends and families… they’ll get cool eco-friendly apparel and help raise $10,000 or more for GBT! If you intend to order and haven’t yet done so, please do it today!

Special thanks to the Bird Collective and all of our members, supporters and new friends who purchased items!

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