Grassland Birds Benefit Everyone!

Grassland birds prey on insects and rodents that damage crops or carry diseases such as Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. They share their habitat with bees and butterflies that pollinate fruits, vegetables, hay and other crops. Farmers and gardeners would see their crop yields decrease without the FREE ecological services these birds provide. Losing these services could encourage producers to increase chemical usage, resulting in more harmful substances in our food, soil and water.

Conserving critical habitat for endangered and threatened grassland birds benefits ALL OF US!

  • It protects native wildlife and preserves biodiversity
  • It protects crops in critical agricultural areas
  • It brings ecotourism dollars into local communities

The extirpation/ extermination of NY’s grassland birds poses a serious threat to our food supply, rural economies and the health of our environment.

FIBA is the only nonprofit conserving critical habitat in the Washington County Grasslands IBA. Your support will help ensure that native grassland birds do NOT disappear from New York State!