Solar Agreement to Benefit Grassland Birds

Grassland Bird Trust (GBT) signed an agreement in May to lease 44 acres of GBT’s land to Eden Renewables, a developer of pollinator-friendly, biodiverse community solar farms based in Troy, NY, for the next 20 years. With GBT’s help, Eden will maintain this land for the sole purpose of maximizing its value as habitat for grassland birds.

Eden will conserve and manage a total of 114 acres of prime habitat in the Washington County Grasslands for endangered and threatened grassland birds, including Short-eared owls, Northern harriers, Upland sandpipers, American kestrels, Eastern meadowlarks, Bobolinks and Grasshopper sparrows.

“Renewable energy, when done right, can play an important role in restoring grassland bird populations to sustainable levels,” said GBT founder and Executive Director Laurie LaFond.

Gillian Black, Director of Project Development at Eden Renewables, said: “Protecting wildlife habitat is a crucial part of Eden’s ecology and biodiversity management planning. We’re pleased to be working with GBT to ensure these sites continue to provide havens for grassland songbirds and wintering raptors.”